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After School Fun & Learning


Our programs offer students of all ages with homework help, academic enrichment, and focus on common core standards. Therefore, Like Academy is college preparatory academic institution. We pride ourselves in our students' educational results and improvements, and we at Like Academy know that our personalized approach uniquely enriches our students' learning and helps these students reach their individual academic goals.


Our mission is to promote college readiness and academic achievement to all students living in California. We strive to empower our students with the academic skills/strategies to become autonomous, strategic, and critical learners.


Like "FIVE" Mission Goals:

  • We provide excellence in tutoring services through individual and group tutoring.

  • We maximize each child academic potential and promote college readiness and academic excellence.

  • We empower children to become life-long learners and critical thinkers.

  • We strive to increase each student confidence & self-esteem by carefully scaffolding each lesson activity into manageable steps.

  • We treat every child with utmost respect & dignity, knowing that each child comes with a unique set of skills, learning style, & personality.





We offer a variety of educational programs, including: K-12 Tutoring, ESL Tutoring, Test Prep, Homework Help, Study Skills...and more!

"In- Center" Packages

We offer monthly "In-Center" Packages for Grades K-12. The packages include 80 minutes per session, homework help, extra practice/review, and one workbook of your choice. The total amount of sessions per month depends on the type of membership packages you choose - Standard, Gold or Premium.

Online-Tutoring Packages
We offer monthly online tutoring Packages for Grades 2-12. The package deals include online tutoring in English or Math, 80 minutes per session, homework help, and extra practice/review. The total amount of sessions per month depends on the type of packages you choose - Standard, Gold, or Premium.


Hourly Rates

If you do not want to opt in for a monthly package, we also offer "Hourly Rates." Hourly Rates are available for both "In-Center" and "Online-Tutoring." Each session includes 60 minutes of tutoring, homework help, and extra practice/review if needed.


Group Tutoring Sessions

Our group tutoring sessions are ideal for students who work well with other students with similar learning styles and proficiency levels. The main priority of our group tutoring session is to assist students in completing daily homework and assignments, while also helping them build confidence and autonomy.