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We offer test preparation for nearly all standardized testing. Our Elite Program focuses on covering the most fundamental concepts/knowledge, delivering proven test-taking strategies, and developing time-management skills to help students better navigate the testing environment. We administer at least 2 official practice tests in addition to delivering weekly mini-tests (of each section) to provide an in-depth comprehensive testing experience for each child.

Mastery of learning involves a complex set of study habit skills/strategies that require practice. Students with effective study skills are more likely to feel competent and confident about their ability to learn. The goal of our study skills program is to help prepare students for lifelong learning - not just academic learning.

We ant our readers to SOAR in the sky like an eagle. Children read a number of fiction and non-fiction texts as part of a series of grade-leveled reading workbooks, ranging in difficulty. Our S.O.A.R. approach to reading equips children  with essential literacy skills that enhance their reading comprehension, academic vocabulary, and critical thinking skills.

"Writing is the painting of the voice." We simply want every child's voice to be heard. To be heard, children must learn the basic writing skills, starting with the basic building blocks of sentence-level writing to the development of a paragraph/essay structure. Children will utilize a variety of invention strategies and revision/editing strategies to produce polished, well-written texts.

The ERW facilitate college-readiness through a rhetorical, inquiry-orientated curriculum that helps middle school and high school students to develop the academic literacies they need to succeed in post-secondary education and the globalizing world of work. The primary goal is to help students develop the ability to write clear, well-developed academic essays in response to a variety of expository texts, while also strengthening their basic reading skills.

When children learn to read, they become empowered readers. In our Empowered Reading program, children build basic Phonic Skills and mast Sight Words to develop Phonemic Awareness by using a variety of word recognition/spelling strategies.

P.R.R. Math
Empowered Readers
(Learning to Read)

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Match can be easy to learn if we make it simple enough. Our Practice-Review-Reflect approach (P.R.R.) provides a framework to help children break down difficult math concepts into simple ideas and explanations that are easy to understand.

Study Skills
S.O.A.R (Reading to Learn) 

Like Academy Program Offerings

The-Write-to-be-Heard (Grades 2 - 6)
Expository Reading & Writing (7-12)
Test Prep